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Fancy Looking After Goats On Howth Head? This Job Could Be For You


04:15 26 Feb 2021

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Looking for a career change?

The Old Irish Goat Society is looking for someone to work with Old Irish Goats on Howth Head.

The society is advertising the position of Conservation Grazing Specialist.

Credit: The Old Irish Goat Society

Daily duties will "include herding the goats, transporting them to various heathland sites on Howth, managing the heathlands and monitoring the health of the herd".

Needless to say, experience with sheepdogs, goat or hill-sheep farming is a must.

However, the role does include training in short courses and a full year of hands-on work experience, should you want to up your goat farming game.

The Old Irish Goat is a critically endangered species in Ireland, being Ireland's only goat breed until 1900.

Interested? You can apply for the position here.


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