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Yewande Chats To 98FM About Life After Love Island

Rebecca Shekleton
Rebecca Shekleton

04:40 17 Jul 2019

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Love Island 2019 has blessed us with three Irish contestants: Yewande Biala, Maura Higgins and new lad Greg O'Shea.

OG Islander Yewande was in Dublin today and we got to catch up with the scientist in Virgin Media Television.

The 23-year-old chatted about what life has been like since leaving the villa, all behind the scenes gossip, who she wants to win and whether Danny has been in touch since being dumped from the show last week.

Yewande says things have been 'unreal and overwhelming' since leaving the show and that people have been really supportive.

Her Relationship With Danny

When asked about whether Danny has been in touch since he was voted off Love Island last week with Jourdan, Yewande revealed that he sent her a message.

"He actually messaged me on Instagram a couple of days ago just saying he hopes there's no hard feelings and best wishes and stuff like that. I replied and I was like there's no hard feelings, like whatever happened , happened. I'm kind of over it and trying to move forward and not think about it at all. I'm just happy that he found someone that he connected with."

We asked Yewande if she thinks Danny and his latest love interest will last and she reckons it's hard to tell because it's early days in the relationship.

"I don't really know Jourdan so I can't really tell you but I do know there is lots of pressure with couples coming out. Obviously they weren't in there long so I don't know."

The Micheal & Amber Situation

Yewande says it was hard to watch Michael couple up with a new girl after Casa Amor and end things with her bestie Amber.

"To watch Casa Amor and see him saying 'I am open to getting to know you', my heart literally dropped because I knew Amber would stay so loyal and I knew it would hurt her so much. He just didn't realise how much she actually liked him".

Yewande Has Her Eye On Ovie

Biala says if she was still in the villa, she would couple up with Ovie.

"Greg is lovely but I mean Ovie is a 6'7'' basketball player, muscles, tattoos. I mean the list goes on doesn't it, really?"

Yewande says she would like Amber and Ovie to win as a friendship couple but she reckons Tommy and Molly-Mae have it in the bag.

Behind The Scenes


"We make breakfast ourselves but lunch and dinner is catering. It's like an all you can eat buffet, really", the Irish beauty said.

Yewande also said that lunch time in the villa is great fun because it isn't shown on camera.

"We have a food but that's the time that we are allowed sing and rap because of copyright and stuff.

"Joe is actually amazing at singing. He's actually such a class rapper."

Getting Ready In The Evenings

Yewande revealed that Islanders have two and a half hours to get ready.

"But it's not like you have two and a half hours. Everyone has two and a half hours including showering so if you're at the end of the queue then you really only have a half an hour to do your make up and hair and choose an outfit."


Love Island is sponsored by I Saw It First and Yewande revealed that Islanders are sent free clothes every week.

"We get a drop once a week of bikinis and clothes. We also pack our own stuff".

Love Island Sticker


"No one understands how overwhelming it is. I didn't understand watching it last season. Emotions run high.

"I don't think anyone understands until your in that situation. I think the support has been absolutely amazing, you know a psychiatrist is there 24/7.

"I think everyone in the villa has gone to see the psychiatrist. It's great because the relationship is so good that we can reach out and talk to someone. "

Getting Picked For Love Island

Yewande said she applied to be on this year's show in January by making up a minute-long video.

"I think the key is that it has to be honest, genuine and just real because they can suss it out so quickly by watching it. They just want someone who is real and relatable so just be yourself."

What's Next

"It would be great to merge science and reality, a little bit of fashion and really just explore this new industry".

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two. Watch the trailer for tonight's episode here.

Love Island USA kicks off on Virgin Media Two on Sunday 28th July.

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