Dolly Parton Reveals She Once...


Dolly Parton Reveals She Once Did Something Outrageous In Tom Jones' Garden


12:49 17 Nov 2023

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Who knew she was such a mad yoke?

Fans of Dolly Parton are buzzing today as she's releasing new music. The country legend is in her 6th decade of making music but for the first time ever she's recorded a rock album.

'Rockstar' features 9 original tracks with other music legends lending their voices including Paul McCartney, Debbie Harry, Sir Elton John and her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. It also features covers of some classic rock songs from Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Rolling Stones.


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While promoting her new album, Dolly was asked what is the most rock and roll thing she's ever done. And we were not expecting the answer she gave!

Back in the day she and the girls were out having fun in Los Angeles when they realised Tom Jones - who they all really fancied - lived close by to the hotel they were staying at.

They must have had one too many margaritas because one of Dolly's friends dared her to streak through his backyard - and she did!

"He didn’t see me but I did it. That was kind of rock and roll."

Absolutely wild! Does Tom Jones know about this, or is he learning about it now like the rest of us😂

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