After 15 Years Victoria Beckha...


After 15 Years Victoria Beckham's Fashion Brand Is Finally Making A Profit


12:52 1 Nov 2023

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Some amount of loans needed there 😅

Victoria Beckham is delighted to announce that after 15 years in the biz, her fashion brand is finally turning a profit.

The Spice Girl launched her own clothing line back in 2008 and it seems up until now the company has been repeatedly recording losses and needed one David Beckham to bail it out.

It's reported that Victoria has needed to borrow £30million from David over the years to keep the business afloat.

But finally things are looking good for Victoria's fashion empire and she couldn't be happier that her business is showing a profit after all these years.


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"This is just the beginning. I have lots of ambitions, and I work hard to achieve my goals. I never wait for things to just fall into my lap." she said in an interview with Vogue France.

"It's such an exciting time. This year, we made a profit! This takes time, especially for an independent brand. My perfume isn't a license - I own it." she added.

“Creating a big fashion house is my dream.”

Well let's hope it's only up from here for Victoria  - and that David doesn't have to keep digging into his pockets! It's hard to imagine the pair of them ever running out of money 😂

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